Informational System on electronic components radiation hardness

Ionizing irradiation is the main natural destabilizing factor of the space, which limits the lifetime of spacecraft electronic equipment due to the effects on the electronic components and manifests in a single or dose effects. Dose effects of protons and electrons of Earth Radiation Belts (ERB) lead to parametric and functional failures, single effects of proton and ion influence ERB, solar particles and galactic rays lead to reversible (errors) and irreversible (catastrophic) failures. Ionizing irradiation accounts for, according to the literature, 30 to 50% of qualified failures, although this percentage is actually higher because of the degradation of materials caused is the stimulant of other types of failures.

This Information System on resistance of electronic components to natural ionizing irradiation of outer space is designed for developers of electronic equipment of spacecraft in terms of informed choice and optimization of electronic component base applications.

The basis of Information System is an electronic multi-level hierarchical open database for a wide range of electronic components (character coordinated with the leading companies in this sector), integrating all of the available heterogeneous characteristics of the radiation resistance of electronic component base (as to the dose and to single effects), which differ on the degree of reliability (published, expert, experimental characteristics) and detailed elaboration (integral and detailed).

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